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Research Questions

for FWF Project P 24991-G16 “Energy Threats of the 21st Century:

Global Warming and Fossil Fuel Scarcity”


1.      Scope of solar energy in Africa and DESERTEC project

2.      Geopolitical game and EU energy supply security

3.      Economics and geopolitics of natural gas markets

4.      Growth of biofuels and competition with agriculture for arable land

5.      Future water supply and agriculture, including impact of climate change

6.      Dynamics of global warming and scarcity of oil

7.      Instruments to combat global warming (prices vs. quantities)

8.      Renewable energies: incentives and problems with replacing fossil fuels

9.      Price versus quantity instruments of OPEC (or GASPEC)

10.  Russian oil supply: uncertainties and incentives

11.  Investment in R&D and scale economies

12.  Energy efficiency

13.  Energy price and spatial structures

14.  Economics of talent and incentives for innovation

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