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Advanced Industrial Management




Course outline:

This course focuses on modern management theories (not fads!) and is built upon the following themes that will be deplored selectively and with different emphasis:

  • Topical issues in industrial management (and there are many nowadays)
  • Trade and outsourcing
  • Incentives (agency model) as one of the core problem of managements
  • Make or Buy (integration and take-overs, inter alia, Hart’s theory of property rights)
  • Price differentiation and nonlinear tariffs (Wilson, Nonlinear Pricing)
  • Real options (Dixit-Pindyck, Investment under Uncertainty)
  • Auctions
  • Strategies (e. g. Porter, Dixit-Nalebuff and others)

Organisation / Time & Place:

The course is scheduled every Thursday, 13:15-14:45, in HS 3.


The two exams will take place on the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday 10.05.2016 15:00 - 16:30; HS4
  • Friday 01.07.2016 13:15-14:45; HS4

Please make a note of the dates as no alternative dates will be offered.


the assesment is based on two written exams, each contributing 50% to the final grade.
The minimum requirement for a positive graduation are 50 percent:

  • 5: less than 49%
  • 4: 50% - 61%
  • 3: 62% - 75%
  • 2: 75% - 87%
  • 1: 88% - 100%

Please note that regular class attendance is compulsory in this course.

Erasmus students - term paper: 

Erasmus students have the option to gain extra points (up to 40%) for writing a term paper that is on a related subject treated in the lecture. The work should correspond to one week effort and meet scientific standards. Deadline is the end of the semester.  


The materials for the course as well as for the exams are the slides presented during the lectures. In addition the following is available:

  • A complementary script (in German) is available
  • A raw version of slides is made available online. These slides are incomplete, students have to fill in the blanks during the lectures, but minimize writing and thus should free the students’ minds for attention and ideally also for discussions

All Materials (script and slides) are password protected and available at the Chairs homepage.

Please note that the PDF-Files are password protected. The password will be disclosed in the prelimiar discussion.


Script Industrial Management [PDF 4.63 MB]

Introduction [PDF 8.86 MB]

Incentives [PDF 3.67 MB] - Update 2 Online

Trade [2.51 MB]

Corporate Governance [PDF 892 KB] - Update 1 Online

Mergers [PDF 4,88 MB] -

Auctions [PDF 753 KB] - 

Real Option [PDF 3.11 MB]


 Topics for the 1st Test

 Topics for the 2nd Test




Midterm Results

Final Results


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