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International Industrial Management I


Organization Modalities / Timetable:

The course is scheduled on Thursday 13:15-14:45, HS 7.

There will be no lecture on 27.10.2016


The exams will take place on the following dates and times:

  •  1.Friday, Nov 25th, 15h00 – 16:30, HS 4
  •  2.Friday, January 27th, 16:45h - 18:15h, HS 4

Please make a note of the dates as no alternative dates will be offered.


The assesment is based on two written exams (each contributing 50% to the final grade).
The minimum requirement for a positive graduation are 50 percent:

  • 5: less than 49%
  • 4: 50% - 61%
  • 3: 62% - 75%
  • 2: 76% - 87%
  • 1: 88% - 100%

Please note that regular class attendance is compulsory in this course.


The course covers the general theories of industrial management textbooks, however, without concentrating on a specific compendium. In addition, theories, approaches and aspects, often not found in the relevant literature, are treated as well.

Major Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Location Allocation
  • Production & Procurement
  • Multi-Product Enterprises & Cost Structures
  • Economies of Scale
  • Long Term Contracts
  • Decision Theory: Normative vs. Descriptive
  • Quality Management


The material for the course, as well as for the exams are the slides presented in class and the additional script.

The slides presented in class are available as a master copy (including the notes made during the lecture) the ensuing week after the course. The master copy of the slides and the script can be obtained in the secratary office during office hours.

All Materials (script and slides) are password protected.

     Skript International Industrial Management (German)
[PDF 7.96 MB]
[PDF 4.76 MB]
     Location Decision I 
[PDF 1.84 MB]
     Location Decision II / Location Decision III
[PDF 3.23 MB]
Topics for the 1st Test
     Cost Structures / Cost Structures Update
[PDF 1.23 MB]
     Inventory Management
[PDF 1.51 MB]
     Procurement, MRP, ERP
[PDF 2.22 MB]
     Just-In-Time and Lean Management
[PDF 1.946 KB]
     Learning Curves
[PDF 819 KB]
     Supply Chain Management and Scheduling
[PDF 1.480 KB]

Long Term Contracts
[PDF 2.40 MB]

Topics for the 2nd Test




 Results 1st Exam
[PDF 0.5 MB]
 Results 2nd Exam
[PDF 0.5 MB] 

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